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Disability Claims

For forms and information about how to submit your disability claim, go to the Apply for Disability Income Benefits page.

For disability claims inquiries, contact the Disability Management Services Office (DMSO) associated with your claim. (If you are deaf or hard of hearing and use a TTY machine, please call us at 1-800-990-6654 or 204-946-7281 in Winnipeg.)


Edmonton DMSO
202 10110 – 104 Street
Edmonton AB T5J 4R5

Phone: 780-917-7776
Toll free: 1-888-328-8688
Fax: 1-888-425-0155
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Calgary DMSO
Suite 1400 300 – 5 Avenue SW
PO Box 1707 Station M
Calgary AB T2P 2L7

Phone: 403-515-5900
Toll free: 1-866-221-8524
Fax: 1-877-486-7894
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Atlantic Provinces

Halifax DMSO
PO Box 158 Station M
Halifax NS B3J 3V2

Phone: 902-429-8377
Toll free: 1-800-929-7993
Fax: 1-844-825-1460
Deaf or Hard of Hearing Line: 1-800-990-6656
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Newfoundland DMSO
PO Box 14180 Stn A
St John’s NL A1B 4G8

Phone: 709-778-7060
Toll Free: 1-877-514-2778
Fax: 1-844-816-1041
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British Columbia

Vancouver DMSO
Suite 900 1075 Georgia Street W
Vancouver BC V6E 4N4

Phone: 604-646-1200
Toll free: 1-888-292-4111
Fax: 1-844-816-1038
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Langley DMSO
2nd floor 8700 – 200 Street
Langley BC V2Y 0G4

Phone: 604-455-2700
Toll free: 1-877-262-0749
Fax: 1-844-569-3131
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Winnipeg DMSO
100 Osborne Street N
PO Box 1055
Winnipeg MB R3C 2X4

Phone: 204-946-7399
Toll free: 1-800-665-8622
Fax: 1-844-292-1931
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Group Disability Benefits
PO Box 6000
Winnipeg MB R3C 3A5

Phone: 204-946-8936
Toll free: 1-877-273-2159
Fax: 1-844-893-1314
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Central Toronto DMSO
330 University Avenue
Toronto ON M5G 1R8

Toll free: 1-866-544-9415
Fax: 1-855-827.1872
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Hamilton DMSO
Suite 801 Commerce Place 1 King Street W
Hamilton ON L8P 1A4

Phone: 905-317-2660
Toll free: 1-800-330-2270
Fax: 1-844-825-1462
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London DMSO
255 Dufferin Avenue L1104
London ON N6A 4K1

Phone: 519-435-7229
Toll free: 1-866-325-6413
Fax: 1-844-816-1040
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Ottawa DMSO
300 – 11 Holland Avenue
Ottawa ON K1Y 4W4

Phone: 613-761-3940
Toll free: 1-800-283-5375
Fax: 1-844-569-3133
Email this office

Scarborough DMSO
Suite 400 55 Town Centre Court
Toronto ON M1P 5B5

Phone: 416-290-3770
Toll free: 1-800-761-7444
Fax: 1-888-214-4401
Email this office



Montreal DMSO
2001 Robert-Bourassa Boulevard
Montreal Quebec H3A 1T9

Phone: 514-350-7900
Toll free: 1-888-878-6059
Fax: 1-888-343-6044
Email this office



Regina DMSO
1901 Scarth Street
Regina SK S4P 4L4

Phone: 306-751-6976
Toll free: 1-866-379-2566
Fax: 1-866-870-0237
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GroupNet for Plan Members

Keeping Costs Down

Find out how you can help protect your benefits plan from rising costs.


Contact your plan administrator, or go to our Contact Information – Coverage and Claims Status page.

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