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Drug Card Features:
The Assure Card™

Make your prescription drug plan go further for your plan members. Provide them with the Assure CardTM for convenient and efficient processing of prescription drug claims.

Solutions That Fit Your Needs

  • Highly valued by plan members
  • Fewer out-of-pocket expenses
  • Less hassle for you and your plan members

The Assure Card is an electronic payment system that provides on-the-spot processing of prescription drug claims at almost any pharmacy in Canada. It’s a convenient, easy-to-use alternative to submitting claim forms.

Our electronic drug claim services, including online adjudication of claims in real time, are provided by one of Canada’s leading full service pharmacy benefits managers. The electronic process facilitates easy and accurate reporting and claims management.

Plan members simply present their Assure Card when having prescriptions filled. The pharmacist uses the card to confirm eligibility and drug coverage. The amount covered is electronically paid to the pharmacist, and the plan member pays any portion not covered by the plan.

The Assure Card includes a number of built-in features.

Positive enrollment

The Assure Card allows the individual registration of each plan member, as well as his or her dependants. With this information, the pharmacist can confirm the plan member and dependants’ eligibility and drug coverage.

Coordinating family coverage

If both a plan member and his or her spouse have drug coverage under separate plans, our pharmacy benefits manager ensures the drug claim is directed to the appropriate private carrier, once it is entered by the pharmacist. Similarly, for provincial drug plans, our pharmacy benefits manager ensures drug claims are directed to the appropriate provincial plan.

Drug utilization review

The Assure Card also provides access to the Health AssureTM drug utilization review program. This program promotes safe and effective use of prescription drugs by reviewing the prescription being filled to help ensure it agrees with the drug manufacturer's recommended use and that the drug being prescribed will not interfere with other prescriptions purchased using the Assure Card.

Balancing safety with confidentiality

With the Assure Card and Health Assure, your plan members’ personal prescription information is confidential. For drug utilization review purposes, our pharmacy benefits manager will only release information about a plan member’s claims history and warning notices about possible drug conflicts to the member’s pharmacist. No information concerning a plan member’s diagnosis is ever shared with the pharmacist.

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