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Employee and Family Assistance Program: Contact

Contact™, our Employee & Family Assistance Program (EAP), helps your plan members and eligible family members cope with difficult situations before they spiral out of control. Think of Contact as preventative medicine for your business or organization.

Solutions That Fit Your Needs

  • Helps reduce absenteeism, accidents, and healthcare and disability claims costs
  • Increases morale and productivity
  • Provides service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

How healthy is your workplace? With today’s fast-paced environment, more demands are placed on employees. That strain is showing. Canadians are taking more time off work for stress-related problems than ever before. As people struggle to balance work and family life, stress levels increase and serious psychological issues may arise.

Contact can help with a wide range of services to address individual and family problems professionally and confidentially. Contact can also support business and organizational leaders with a broad range of preventative and holistic programs, helping to contain the rising costs of absenteeism, presenteeism – when a plan member is at work, but unproductive due to stress, depression, injury or illness – and related expenses, such as healthcare and disability claims.

By offering Contact, you are maximizing the performance and potential of your strongest asset: your people. With Contact, you can expect to achieve several key objectives.

Lower organizational costs by:

  • Preventing or reducing absenteeism and presenteeism
  • Reducing the pressure of stress and poor emotional health on healthcare benefit costs, such as drugs
  • Minimizing risk and liability by supporting a safe, productive workplace

Demonstrate your commitment to your employees by:

  • Addressing stress, its causes and its effects in the workplace
  • Promoting healthy work/life balance
  • Helping to empower plan members to take action on their personal and family issues

Enhance workplace effectiveness by helping to:

  • Attract and retaining motivated, engaged plan members
  • Successfully manage workplace change and transition
  • Reduce the impact of traumatic events or workplace conflict
  • Facilitate teamwork and positive workplace relations

Contact Programs and Services

Contact provides responsive, resolution-focused counselling, consultation and information services for employees, and support for your organization as a whole. Our EAP offers all-inclusive pricing with a comprehensive program and service package, including:

  • Assessment, counselling, case management and referral services – qualified counsellors respond to personal and work-related problems presented by the employees
  • Work/life services – consultation, information or referral services including financial, legal, family, nutrition and physical health
  • Online services – e-counselling, online resources and interactive programs
  • Trauma response service – trauma counsellors respond immediately to critical incidents within the workplace
  • Employer support services – account management, performance consultations, program communication and promotion, wellness seminars, program reports, analysis and evaluations

Contact offers your organization the advantage of:

  • Having one of the most comprehensive EAPs in the industry
  • Integrating the EAP with your other Great-West group benefits for easy administration and billing
  • Offering research-based programs and services that enhance disability management
  • Demonstrating commitment to workplace health and wellness

Great-West offers Contact in partnership with Shepell•fgi, a leading provider of EAP services.

All counselling, work-life and online services are strictly confidential, private and anonymous within the limits of the law.

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Mental Health at Work

The Great-West Life Centre for Mental Health in the Workplace helps employers deal with workplace mental health issues. Find out more on their website.

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