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Group Retirement & Savings Plans

We offer clients the support of Canada’s largest network of group retirement specialists, who deliver unparalleled service in group retirement and savings plans. For more information go to

Capital Accumulation Plan Benchmark Report

Research unique to the Canadian CAP marketplace is now available in the 2015 CAP Benchmark Report, entitled Good plan design empowers members’ futures. Great-West Life is the exclusive sponsor of this report, which is based on responses to the Benefits Canada/Canadian Institutional Investment Network survey of CAP sponsors, conducted between March and August 2015.

It’s an essential tool for monitoring the health of Canadian Defined Contribution plans and Group RRSPs, which continue to play a growing role in Canada’s retirement landscape.

Over the years we have been involved, we have tracked sound progress in both of these areas, as employers streamline and improve their retirement benefits for employees.

Pension Reform Position Paper

Great West’s position paper on pension reform adds an important perspective to the debate taking place on this topic. It provides an overview of Canada’s current Group retirement plan environment and shows how a practical, “made in Canada” solution can address issues such as access, cost and adequacy.

Recommending a collaborative approach between government and industry, the paper outlines modifications to existing Pension Legislation that could make Defined Contribution Pension Plans more attractive. RRSP rules could be adapted to recognize a Group RRSP product type with features benefiting both plan members and sponsors, such as auto enrolment, auto escalation of contributions and no payroll tax on employer contributions.

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