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Premium Quotes and Payment Options

Premium quotes

We make it easy for you to determine what your premium—your monthly cost—will be for your Sonata Health plan. You can calculate your premium online before you apply.

The online calculator will ask you questions about your age, family members and province. It will also ask you which Sonata Health plan and which optional benefits* you would like to apply for.

Before getting your quote, review our plan designs and optional benefits. Be sure to consider not only your daily requirements, but also any unexpected medical needs in the future, to help you select the plan that best reflects your health and dental needs.

Calculate your premium now

Hints for calculating and printing your quote

Make sure you've provided all the required information. You may be prompted to complete a missing selection before your quote can be calculated.

  1. Complete the required information.
  2. Click Calculate Premiums. Your premium will be calculated and displayed at the top of the page.
  3. Review your coverage selections and their associated monthly premiums.

Any changes to the information you've provided can affect the cost of your coverage. If you've changed a selection, your previous calculation is invalid.

  1. Click Calculate Premiums again to recalculate or compare your premium. Your changes will be recalculated and displayed. Before you print your quote page, you may need to refresh the premium calculation.
  2. Click Calculate Premiums again or click your browser's Refresh or Reload button.

Payment options

You can pay premiums for your Sonata Health plan either monthly or annually, either by automatic debit from your banking account or by credit card (VISA or MasterCard).

Your premium may be subject to adjustment based on your medical history or that of a family member. It is also subject to change annually, upon renewal of your plan.

*Availability depends on plan design

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Coverage Overview

To help determine which Sonata Health plan best fits your needs, compare the features of all 7 plans.

Government Plan Coverage

Find out what your provincial healthcare plan covers.

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