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Plan Designs – Sonata Health

Like most Canadians, you want to protect yourself and your family against unexpected health and dental expenses. But we also understand that your needs are unique. That’s why we offer 7 Sonata Health plan designs for you to choose from.

Find the level of Sonata Health coverage that best suits your needs. To compare the coverage offered under each plan, take a look at our Coverage Overview comparison chart.

Scale 1

  • Our basic plan
  • Provides coverage for a range of medical and dental expenses for you and your family

Scale 2

  • Provides more comprehensive coverage for the expenses covered under Scale 1
  • Also provides coverage for visioncare and hearing aids

Scale 3

  • Provides more generous coverage for the expenses covered under Scale 2
  • Also provides major dental services such as crowns, bridges and dentures

Scale 4

  • Provides the same generous coverage as Scale 3, but with no coverage for prescription drugs
  • A popular choice for residents of Quebec, where prescription drugs are provided under the public plan by the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ)

If you live in Quebec, read the Information for Quebec Residents.

Scale 5

  • Provides the same generous coverage as Scale 3, but with a higher drug maximum

Scale 6

  • Provides the same generous coverage as Scale 5, but does not include dental coverage

Guaranteed Acceptance Plan (GAP)

  • Provides well-rounded coverage for all your essential needs
  • You’re eligible without providing medical evidence or previous coverage

You can also enhance your coverage with our optional benefits*.

*Availability depends on plan design

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Coverage Overview

To help determine which Sonata Health plan best fits your needs, compare the features of all 7 plans.

Government Plan Coverage

Find out what your provincial healthcare plan covers.

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