November 28, 2018

How people dealt with a critical illness

Though most of us know someone who has suffered from a critical illness, we don't think it can happen to us.

Protect what's most important - Katherine's story

When your life is turned upside down, you realize the impact an illness can have on your lifestyle and why you want to protect it.

Katherine's insurance removed the financial impact of her illness so she could recover her way and make the most out of the time she spent with loved ones.


Dealing with the unexpected – Sandra’s story

When you’re focused on creating a wonderful life for your family, you may not consider how a critical illness can change your plans.

Sandra always thought she was too young to be diagnosed with a life-altering illness, until she found out she had lymphoma.


Why financial security planning matters

Planning ahead really made a difference for Sandra and her family.

Four years before her diagnosis, Sandra's advisor helped her build a plan. The plan included critical illness insuranceOpens in a new window that protected her when she needed it the most.


Anyone can get sick

A critical illness can happen to you even if you have a healthy and active lifestyle. 

Life doesn't always go as planned. Critical illness insurance helped Warren take care of his daughter and wife, Sandra, to lessen the emotional and finacial strain of Sandra's illness.


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