Business owner life insurance

Whether you’re a startup or well-established business, life insurance is a versatile tool that can help you achieve your business goals and protect your hard work.

Life insurance can help protect your company, your family, your partners and key employees in the event of an unexpected death.

It can also help you get more from your company’s assets and reach your long-term financial goals. By putting your money in a permanent life insurance policy instead of corporate investments, which are generally in a higher tax bracket, less money could be lost to taxes. It means you could have more funds to spend while you’re alive, and your estate or shareholders could receive more when you die.

How can it help my business?

Protect your business

What would happen to your business if you or one of your key employees were to die prematurely? You wouldn’t think twice about insuring your building or inventory, but people are your most important assets.

Insurance on you and your key people can help prevent the unexpected from financially harming – even destroying – the business you have worked so hard to build.

You can use life insurance funds to pay debts and expenses to help keep the business going, find and train a suitable replacement, assure creditors and suppliers that funds are available to meet commitments and reassure customers that your business has the means to continue.

Leave a legacy for those you care about

It’s important to think about what will happen to your wealth when you die. Permanent life insurance can help maximize what you leave behind by reducing annual taxes payable and growing your total net worth. The money provided to your beneficiaries is tax-free.

Ensure a smooth exit strategy

Without a good succession plan in place, even the most successful businesses can be ruined.

Whether you want to retire and pass on your business or if you should pass away unexpectedly, it’s important to have a plan in place to ensure a smooth transition.

Life insurance can help you do more with your money and fund your transition plan whether you want to sell your business, liquidate your business or pass it along to family.

You can use life insurance to:

  • Accumulate tax-advantaged cash value that can support your financial goals like supplementing your retirement income.
  • Provide you or your partner with funds to help buy the other person’s share of the business.
  • Help ensure funds are available to evenly divide your estate as well as cover capital gain taxes and other expenses when you die.

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