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Most of the time, illness is unexpected.

Thankfully, group plan members don’t usually have to worry about overwhelming out-of-pocket costs.

But what if a retired employee or their spouse becomes ill or gets injured in an accident? They may no longer be covered under their group benefits plan, and provincial health care plans may not provide coverage for all of the services required.

A retiree and their family could suddenly find themselves with devastating expenses for prescription drugs, ambulance service or in-home nursing care.

With our products, help your plan members secure coverage with no cost to you.

What we offer


Like Prelude, PlanDirect provides valuable health insurance to your retiring employees, but it also offers health and dental benefits to those who leave your organization and lose their group coverage.

PlanDirect covers the treatment of pre-existing health conditions and has no lifetime maximum, which means more coverage when people need it the most.

Plan members under age 74 are accepted for a PlanDirect plan at guaranteed acceptance rates, without providing medical information, so long as they meet the following criteria:

  • Has coverage under a group health and dental plan
  • Is covered by the government plan in his or her province or territory of residence
  • Applies for PlanDirect within 60 days of losing his or her group coverage

If you choose to offer PlanDirect to your plan members, learn more Opens in a new window about its features.

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