Solutions for small businesses

Innovative benefits for businesses with up to 75 employees

Why invest in group benefits? 

By providing group benefits for your employees, you can better attract and retain top talentOpens in a new window, provide insurance at a reduced cost and help improve morale. 

You can increase productivity in your workplace by providing financial security to your plan members. In fact, a study by Canada Life Group Insurance showed that 25% of respondents believe that helpful employee benefits and perks would have the biggest positive impact on their work productivity. 

Your premium may also be tax-deductible as a business expense. We offer plans specifically tailored to small businesses, with competitive pricing, leading products and services, and online access to GroupNetTM for Plan Members and GroupNet for Plan Administration.


Options for small business group benefits

There are two ways to apply for group benefits, depending on your company needs and location. 

Apply online

With Flexbox, you can quickly get an estimated price online if your business is eligible.

Apply through an advisor

Selectpac is our group benefits plan for organizations with 3 to 75 plan members. Group benefits specialists can help you find coverage that fits your needs. 

Introducing Flexbox: Benefit plans for small businesses with 2 to 20 employees

Available for businesses based in Ontario, Manitoba or Saskatchewan without group benefits for the past 2 years. Your employees must live anywhere in Canada except Quebec, work year-round and be younger than 70 years of age. 

Selectpac: Create your plan with the help of a group benefits advisor

Selectpac offers plan designs for small businesses with 3 to 75 plan members. Your business must also meet the eligibility requirements below.

Check if your company and employees are eligible for Selectpac

Your company is eligible if it:

  • Operates in an eligible industry
  • Contributes at least 25% to the plan cost
  • Has low employee turnover

Your plan members are eligible if they:

  • Comprise a large percentage of all your employees
  • Work 9 out of 12 months as seasonal workers
  • Work at least 24 hours per week as full-time employees

Additional plan requirements

Your plan must include employee life insurance and at least one of the following: short-term disability, long-term disability, dentalcare or healthcare insurance.

Contact a small business group benefits advisor

We have specialists around the country who can help develop solutions that fit your needs.

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