Welcome Plan

You can help employees who are new or returning Canadian residents feel at home by providing the right healthcare insurance.

When people first arrive in Canada, waiting periods must be satisfied before they’re eligible for coverage under the provincial healthcare plan. Our Welcome Plan covers new employees and their families as they make the transition to life in Canada.

Welcome Plan provides eligible employees and their families with coverage for expenses that would normally qualify for reimbursement under the provincial health plan. This includes services such as visits to the doctor, lab services, hospital ward accommodations, emergency dental services and more. Your existing group benefits plan then supplements the Welcome Plan coverage.

To be eligible for Welcome Plan coverage, employees must be covered under your group benefits plan, and you must make Welcome Plan available as part of your plan.

Welcome Plan pays 100 per cent covered expenses incurred while the employee is insured, to a maximum of $1 million per individual in a lifetime. There is no deductible.

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