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As the digital world expands, technology is becoming increasingly more integrated into you and your plan members’ lives. Our online tools allow you to administer your plans simply and easily, allowing plan members to access their benefits information and communicate with us when they want, how they want.

GroupNet for Plan Administration

Staying on top of plan members’ requests while keeping up to date with your day-to-day activities can be a drain on your resources. GroupNet for Plan Administration can help, saving you time and money.

GroupNet is a sophisticated, secure internet-based tool that can help you use your time efficiently and control expenses. The site allows you to tap into current statistics and information that may affect your plan. GroupNet is available anytime, anywhere.

GroupNet for Plan Administration also allows you to:

  • Keep plan member records up to date
  • Receive billing information
  • Create reports that provide information to help you analyze your plan’s experience with up to four years of claims data and 12 months of billing data, reducing the need for paper files
  • Identify where benefit dollars are being spent
  • Access free reports, reference materials, and information on benefits trends

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How to add an employee to GroupNet

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GroupNet for Plan Members

GroupNet for Plan Members provides your employees access to comprehensive benefit plan information. Over 1.2 million plan members are registered for GroupNet, which is available on a range of devices from desktop to mobile. Plan members can:

  • Submit claims online
  • Sign up for direct deposit of claim payments
  • Access our Health & Wellness Site
  • Search drugs by name or identification number to find out if they’re covered, at what percentage, and if they require special authorization.
  • Get detailed plan information, including benefit maximums and remaining balances, and up to 24 months of claims history
  • Use the built-in GPS mapping tool to locate the nearest provider who has access to Provider eClaims
  • View benefit card information, including member ID, drug and travel assistance

GroupNet Flex Administration and Enrolment

A secure online tool, GroupNet Flex Administration and Enrolment can help you manage your administrative needs.

The system can be customized to your specific plan requirements, including lock-in periods, vacation buy/sell features and excess credit accounts, such as a healthcare spending account.

The plan administrator site offers access to billing reports, helps you maintain enrolment information, provides you access to the same information your plan members see and includes an HRIS import feature that eliminates the duplication of information.

The plan member site allows employees to select or alter benefits at enrolment, re-enrolment or life event changes, offering them a flexible way to manage their coverage whenever and however they want.

Member eClaims

Member eClaims allows plan members to submit many of their healthcare claims online through GroupNet for Plan Members. Online claims submission is available for a variety of covered health care services, including prescription drugs, dentalcare, visioncare and paramedical services, depending on the group’s plan design.

Provider eClaims

Provider eClaims offers on-the-spot claims submission at approved providers, including chiropractors, physiotherapists, opticians and more. There are more than 31,000 healthcare providers signed up for Provider eClaims across Canada. Plan members can find out if their providers are registered, by checking the provider listing on GroupNet for Plan Members, or GroupNet Mobile.

As the first national eClaims service for extended healthcare providers across Canada, Provider eClaims processes claims in real-time, so there’s no need to submit a claim.

Enhanced fraud protection

To help protect your plan, we apply our state-of-the-art safeguards to all eClaims and ensure submitted claims are subject to adjudication and verification. In addition to our automated detection systems, claims are randomly selected for audit, and increased electronic tracking also creates an easily verifiable trail of information to further protect your plan.

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