Recovery and return to work

Our group disability benefits can provide a source of income and sense of security to your plan members at a time when they may need it.

Intake process

Our short-term disability claim intake process sets us apart from the rest. Our claims processing starts within 24 hours of us receiving it. To expedite information gathering, a case manager contacts the plan sponsor and plan member to discuss details around the absence.

We work to quickly and accurately gather as much information as we can. Getting a clear picture helps to identify the next steps, and where appropriate, plan a return to work.

Our innovative approach to short-term and long-term disability involves engaging one case manager for the duration of the plan member’s disability. This process provides for seamless case management and is designed to support recovery and a safe, early return to work.

Management approach

Our disability management approach allows our dedicated case manager to co-ordinate all aspects of a claim from the time it’s received, through to recovery and return to work. We work to ensure claims are managed consistently and proactively, while being sensitive to the unique circumstances of each claim.

For each claim, a case manager is assigned to oversee a disability management team that focuses on collecting information and assessing the claim. The case manager may call upon our medical coordination services team, which provides support and expertise throughout the disability, from the first report of illness or injury continuing through treatment.

Our medical coordinators support plan members, helping to prevent absences while they remain at work and supporting their recovery early in their absence.

Our vocational rehabilitation consultants provide return-to-work planning, education, and assistance in the search for employment when necessary.

eDisability tool

Our eDisability tool allows plan members and plan administrators to file disability claims electronically. The service applies to short-term disability, long-term disability and Early Referral Services claims.

Claim forms are available on our corporate site and can be submitted electronically along with supporting documentation.

To expedite information gathering, we also provide a facility that allows plan sponsors to submit additional relevant information like job descriptions.

Some provincial governments have introduced legislation that changes how workers’ compensation claims are handled. As an employer, some claim responsibilities may fall to you.

Navigating a provincial workers’ compensation claim can be difficult. Our CompAssist program makes things easier by offering assistance with completing and submitting documentation required by your provincial workers’ compensation organization.

CompAssist also provides regular contact with workers’ compensation to confirm claim decisions and claim management activities as well as advice and assistance with appeals.

The program’s medical coordination services assist plan members with their recovery particularly if it requires complex claims management and the integration of our disability benefits with the workers’ compensation claims.

To complete the process, the program provides plan members a return-to-work plan, helping the plan sponsors understand and comply with workers’ compensation requirements for their return to work.

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