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Contact™, our employee and family assistance program (EAP), helps your plan members and their dependants cope with difficult situations. Contact provides responsive, resolution-focused counselling, consultation and services for plan members and their dependants. Our EAP offers all-inclusive pricing with a comprehensive program and service package.

By offering Contact, you can help maximize the performance and potential of your strongest asset: your people.

Early referral services

Our early referral services (ERS) program offers proactive disability management for plans that don’t have short-term disability coverage. Through ERS, your plan members have access to our adjudication and case management services during the period before a long-term disability. Early support helps encourage a disabled plan member towards an ability mindset, and can help make the best use of your plan’s disability benefit dollars.

Implementing ERS means plans and services initiated during the long-term disability waiting period can continue into long-term disability with no interruption. This seamless approach can help reduce disability claim periods and help your plan members get back to their regular routines more quickly.

At Work Services

At Work Services provides plan members at risk of disability with early access to our medical co-ordination and vocational rehabilitation services. The goal of At Work Services is to help prevent disability claims from occurring and increase workplace productivity. By identifying plan member needs early on, the appropriate services to meet those needs can be put in place before a disability claim occurs.

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