Saskatchewan provincial health plan fact sheet

Your Saskatchewan Health Insurance Plan provides:

Prescription drugs

  • The Saskatchewan Special Support Program (SSP) is available to all Saskatchewan residents. Eligibility for coverage under the SSP is based both on family income and family prescription drug costs. 
  • Coverage is available to residents on Family Health Benefits, seniors on Seniors' Income Plan (SIP) and Guaranteed Income Supplement Program (GIS) with Semi-annual deductibles of either $100 or $200. GIS and SIP recipients will pay a co-payment of 35 per cent of prescription price once the semi-annual deductible has been reached.  
  • Seniors are also covered under the Seniors' Drug Plan, with a cap of $25 per prescription for drugs listed on the Saskatchewan formulary and drugs approved under Exception Drug Status. 
  • Coverage is automatic for children 14 years of age and younger under the Children's Drug Plan, with a cap of $25 per prescription for drugs listed on the Saskatchewan formulary and drugs approved under Exception Drug Status. 


  • No coverage for land ambulance services for residents ages 0 to 64.
  • Residents age 65 and over are required to pay $250 towards the cost of land ambulance services.
  • All residents are required to pay the first $465 towards the cost of air ambulance services. 

Dental benefits

  • No coverage for routine dental procedures.
  • Coverage for certain oral surgery procedures required to treat specific conditions caused by accidents, infection, congenital problems or other factors.
  • Coverage for orthodontic services for cleft palate when referred by a physician or dentist.
  • Coverage for extracting teeth when medically required before undertaking surgical procedures related to: 
    • Heart health
    • Chronic renal disease
    • Total joint replacement by prosthesis 

Vision care

  • No coverage for glasses or contact lenses
  • Coverage for:
    • Eye exams for children under age 18
    • Residents in receipt of a Seniors' Income Plan supplement
    • Residents who receive benefits under the Supplementary Health Program or Family Health Benefits.


  • Coverage for standard ward rooms only


  • No coverage for massage therapy, psychologist, naturopath and all other paramedical services
  • Coverage for a portion of chiropractor and podiatrist services
  • Coverage for physiotherapy or occupational therapy services only when provided through hospital, special care homes, community agencies or in certain private clinics

Hearing aids

  • No coverage for hearing aids and audiology services

Nursing benefits and home care

  • Coverage for delivering home care services includes:
    • Case management and assessment
    • Home nursing
    • Physical and occupational therapy service 
  • Some coverage offered based on your income and the volume of services delivered to you for the following:
    • Homemaking (including personal care, respite, and home management services)
    • Meals
    • Home maintenance 

Medical supplies

  • Some coverage, through Saskatchewan Aids for Independent Living, to residents with physical handicaps and certain chronic illnesses for oxygen, prosthetics, ostomy supplies and other medical supplies
  • Some coverage available through the Sakatchewan Insulin Pump Program for residents age 25 years or under
  • Coverage for residents with moderate to severe sleep apnea for a CPAP breathing machine.
    • Residents who do not have the supplementary provincial benefits are required to pay $275 towards the cost of a CPAP breathing machine.

Accidental death and dismemberment

  • No coverage.

Out of country

  • Coverage for emergency in-patient services up to $100 per day
  • Coverage for emergency out-patient services up to $50. Saskatchewan Health will not pay for more than two visits in any one day. 

These highlights from the Saskatchewan Health Plan are for general reference only and are subject to change, corrections and updates. Other government programs may also be available. For more information on the latest coverage details, contact the Saskatchewan Health Plan.

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Updated: August 2019