COVID-19 short-term disability benefits — online claim submission

Apply for COVID-19 short-term disability benefits

Follow these steps if your absence is due to symptoms of COVID-19 and your test results are pending, or if you have a clinical diagnosis of COVID-19.

IMPORTANT: These steps apply to Covid-19 disability claims only.

Step 1

Complete 3 forms

Download the following forms and save them to your computer or device.

Have a printer and scanner?
Print, complete, sign, scan and save the forms to ensure you have electronic PDF copies that are 4 MB or less each.

Don’t have a printer and scanner?
Download and save the 3 forms to your computer – don’t fill them out in your browser. Complete the forms on your computer or device, leave the signature blank and save them. Or look for options on your mobile device for taking photos of your documents and then creating PDFs.

Note: The signatures are still required but we’ll contact you later to complete these. You can submit your claim without them for now. 

Step 2

Submit your employee statement online

Select Start submitting forms to submit your form securely online. Make sure you have saved electronic copies of all forms. You’ll be able to submit them all online, one at a time.

Step 3

Submit your consent and confirmation of illness forms

After you’ve submitted your employee statement online, select Submit another document to submit your consent form (if you have a signed copy). Then select Submit another document to submit your Confirmation of illness form.

Start submitting formsOpens a new website in a new window