Group benefits

We’ve designed tools and services to make your life easier, allowing you to access your coverage details when you want, the way you want.

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Submit claims, check coverage, view your benefits card wherever you are, whenever you want. Download the new GroupNet Mobile app now.

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Sign up once, benefit any time

Access to your benefits information is easy with GroupNet. Once registered, you’ll be able to submit many of your claims online, sign up for direct deposit, view coverage information, visit our Health & Wellness Site and more.

Provider eClaims

In addition, with Provider eClaims your healthcare practitioner can submit your claim for the service you received on the spot. Claims are assessed automatically while you wait and your provider can let you know immediately whether the claim is approved, declined or held for review.

You can find service providers signed up for Provider eClaims here. Providers are searchable by province and type of service.

Generic vs. brand name

Generic drugs are just as effective as the brand name equivalent, with the added benefit of keeping the cost of your benefits lower.

Save on prescription drug costs

For many of us, most of the cost of prescription drugs is covered under an employer-paid group benefits plan. However, you may be out of pocket for some costs. By knowing what makes up the cost of your medications and following these money saving tips, you can keep more money in your pocket without compromising treatment.


Check out how easy it is to use our tools and services

How to register for GroupNet and sign up for direct deposit

How to submit an online claim

How to review your benefits and claims history

Great-West Life Centre for Mental Health in the Workplace

Our free tools and resources are designed to help individuals learn more about and maintain mental health. Learn more about the centre here.Opens a new website in a new window


Personal Health Risk Assessment

Accessible through our Health & Wellness Site, the Personal Health Risk Assessment, found on GroupNetOpens a new website in a new window, can be used to create a health profile, build an action plan to support your health and wellness needs and track progress.

Help protect your benefits

Fraud isn’t a victimless crime – it directly impacts you. Fraud means higher costs for your employer, which for you, can lead to increased premiums, or reduced or lost coverage.