Retirement income

No one wants to worry about their finances in retirement. That’s why Great-West Life has the products and services you need to prepare for retirement.

Are you starting to think about your income during retirement? If you’re retired, or getting ready to retire, you may wonder how to convert your savings into a regular income. We can help you determine the right mix of investments to meet your income needs before and after you retire.

Your recommended mix may include a combination of income annuities, guaranteed interest options and segregated fund policies with the lifetime income benefit.

Income annuities

Income annuities can help guarantee your income so you can step into retirement with certainty.

Guaranteed interest options

Guaranteed interest options protect your principal investment, giving you a clear picture of your financial future.


HelloLife is an all-encompassing program that sets you up with a spending plan that lasts all through your retirement years.

Lifetime income benefit (LIB)

The LIB is designed for people who want a secure and predictable income in retirement.

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Not feeling confident in your finances? You can talk to one of our financial security advisors who will work with you to craft a financial plan tailored to your needs.

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