HelloLife retirement income program

A retirement income program that blends guaranteed income and flexible investments to help you enjoy life after work.

What is HelloLife?

HelloLife isn’t just a financial product or a way to save for the future. It’s an all-encompassing program and spending plan that lasts throughout your retirement years.

With a combination of income annuities and segregated funds, it allows for your money to grow, while giving you a predictable income. In addition, segregated funds provide insurance guarantees, making them ideal for people nearing or already in retirement.

How does it work?

Your financial security advisor will work with you to determine your retirement goals, like traveling or buying a cottage. Together with your advisor, you’ll use an interactive retirement income planner to map out your basic and lifestyle spending. The goal is to create a financial plan that effectively transforms your retirement nest egg into a steady income stream capable of supporting your spending in retirement.

Once your customized HelloLife program is in place, twice a year you’ll receive a package with a summary letter that shows the amount of income you’ve received from the HelloLife program, as well as your individual segregated fund statements. Talk to your financial security advisor about the HelloLife retirement income program today.

What else do I need to know?

Income annuities

An income annuity offers a simple way to convert a portion of your savings into regular income for a fixed period or the rest of your life. It’s your choice. A lifetime income annuity provides a retirement paycheque – it’s income that’s guaranteed, regardless of how financial markets perform.

After experiencing the market swings of recent years, you may be looking for ways to protect your retirement income. An income annuity can protect you from market shifts and provide you with a regular payment.

Segregated funds

Segregated fund policies provide potential growth and flexibility for your investment portfolio, while providing insurance protection for you and your beneficiaries through built-in guarantees. It’s managed by a team of professional investment managers who can help investors protect their money, maintain their buying power, receive steady returns and grow their money. It depends on what you, the investor, want to do with your money.

Like the income annuity element of HelloLife, the segregated fund portion offers insurance protection. Segregated fund policies guarantee you’ll receive the majority of your money back when the policy ends and can provide a seamless way to pass your money directly to your beneficiaries.

Customized for you

Your financial security advisor can help you create a retirement income program that’s tailored to your specific needs. With HelloLife’s mix of guaranteed income and flexible investments, your advisor can help you customize a program that adjusts to how conservative or growth-oriented you are – put simply, it fits your life.

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